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Happier and healthier employees (and bottom lines) start here.

Yoga Class for all Ages

Companies that meditate together, accelerate together.

Our specially designed meditation programs help reduce anxiety and improve immune function and overall mood in the workplace increasing productivity and decreasing expenses.  You customize the program's frequency and duration.  Video conference options are available to benefit employees across the organization.

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Innovate your wellness program with proven, effective (and awesome) therapies right in the office.

 From yoga and massage to acupuncture and Reiki, we will bring the latest and greatest in wellness services performed by the best in the industries directly to your team.  Arrange for a one time event or a regular monthly visit to ensure your team is feeling its best and able to perform at its peak.


A renowned wellness event that creates a palpable excitement throughout the office.

Our full service wellness event planning partnership will help your committee develop the perfect program to fit your needs and budget. We then work with our vetted, credentialed and insured practitioners and speakers to execute your event flawlessly from start to finish.

Reach Out to Us Now

We are ready to help you design a program that fits your interests and budget.  Feel free to fill out this form and one of our program coordinators will reach out to you soon.

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