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A Little Bit About Us

Remaining at Peace Amongst the Chaos

Our founder worked for both a Fortune 100 media company and one of the world's largest law firms and saw first hand how stress affected the health, happiness and work product of those in a fast moving environment.  After utilizing meditation and other wellness therapies to address her own health issues that arose from an inability to properly deal with stress,  she discovered her passion was to help companies ensure that their work forces were functioning at their highest capacities by helping to develop happy and healthy employees. 

Our founder then joined forces with fantastic people who ran wellness committees in their respective companies and they all worked together to develop wellness programs that could suit any type of organization on any budget.  

Our passion is to help corporate communities create programs that allow them to reach the highest levels of employee satisfaction and therefore create a more profitable business overall while helping the staff live happier, healthier lives. 

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