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On-Site Wellness Services

Our practitioners and services are always of the highest quality and we take care of all the details for you- it's no stress.  Just some of the services we offer include:



We offer table, chair or even floor (Thai) massage options and you may choose the length of time for each session.  Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, our many skilled therapists can do it all and they will leave your team feeling fantastic and ready to take on any task.  Participants have the option to remain fully clothed if preferred. 



Acupuncture uses tiny needles to penetrate significant points along the Chinese meridian system and has been shown to reduce pain, improve sleep and immune function and aid in weight loss among other benefits.  Our licensed Chinese Medicine practitioners are also able to share insights from other aspects of Chinese medicine if requested. 

Yoga Class



Yoga uses gentle stretches, poses, breath work and postures to reduce stress and blood pressure, increase focus, improve sleep and aid in strength, stamina and flexibility.  Our yogis make modifications for each individual as necessary so all levels may practice together.  This program is especially beneficial for those sitting at desks for the majority of the day.




Reiki is a form of energy work that causes deep relaxation and possibly even healing.  The participant lays on a massage table while one of our certified practitioners moves his or her hands along the energy centers with little to no touch on the body.  Clients rave that this is the most relaxed they've felt beyond meditation.  Many have reported it as magical.  You have to try it to believe it!




Reflexology feels like a relaxing foot massage but has the extra benefit of a practitioner who skillfully works on trigger points connected to the body's organ systems.  We have seen fantastic results from various clients such as relief from migraines, chronic pain or sinus pressure.  With reflexology, the client sits in a zero gravity chair as they enjoy this service. 

Man Drinking Water



We take pride in staying on the leading edge of exercise research so we can make sure your team gets the most bang for their buck in their personal or group sessions.  Our personal trainers offer everything from High Intensity Interval Training programs  to gentle equipment-free strength training. 

Diet Salad


Everything we thought we knew about healthy eating ten years ago has changed.  It's now healthy to eat fats and counting calories may be unnecessary.  Paleo, vegan, gluten free... our knowledgeable professionals can teach the basics of these and other ways of relating to food.  We can organize regular meetings for accountability of lifestyle changes and weight loss challenges.  Onsite juicing, Bulletproof(R) coffee and other fun nutritional demonstrations are available as well.


Financial Planning


We offer two different approaches to financial education for your employees. We can connect you with a vetted financial planner from a reputable firm who will provide financial presentations and/or analyses at no cost to your team or we will provide an unbranded presentation that would include general financial information from CDs and investments to college savings and cool apps that allow your team to start small by investing their spare change.  You choose one or both and we will help your employees choose how to best plan for a secure future.


Sound Therapies


Clients rave about our many types of sound therapy sessions and this category is easily one of the crowd favorites.  Talented artists perform with drums, gongs, crystal bowls and more while employees relax into meditations and then leave feeling refreshed and joyful.  This is a special treat for any group and may even have some healing benefits as have been reported across the globe but not scientifically studied.

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