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The Best in Wellness Events:

Your one-stop-shop for complete wellness events that leave employees in awe and excited about how easy and fulfilling wellness can be!  You simply design the program as far as determining which presentations, services, meditations, etc. you prefer and we handle the rest!


That's right, we schedule the practitioners, check their credentials and insurance requirements, handle all billing needs of the practitioners, provide the services and then offer employee incentivized surveys so we may provide you with a full analysis including recommendations for your next event.  We then tweak as necessary to drive toward your ultimate event keeping both employee participation and budget in mind.  Choose from any of these awesome components or come up with some of your own, we are flexible and can do most anything when it comes to health and wellness!

Interactive and Entertaining Wellness Presentations

Our Highly Revered Presenters are Deeply Knowledgeable and Also Fun

We have dozens of presentations that will arm your team with all the information they need to develop a healthier and happier lifestyle.  Choose topics ranging from "Clean Eating" and "The Effects of Sugar on the Body" to "Mindful Parenting" or "Developing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Communication".  Our presentations are always well researched and provide the latest in available information on the topic.  Many clients become quite comfortable with our expertise and even have us develop customized presentations for their needs.  It is common for employees to directly request our return for topics of interest!


Top of the Line On-Site Wellness Services

Bring Five Star Services Directly to Your Team

Nothing gets the office buzz going more than a week full of pampering from our expert practitioners!  We bring massage, acupuncture, yoga and more right to your team.  Show your workforce that you are on the leading edge of wellness by introducing them to Cupping, Reiki, Reflexology, Sound Therapy and more.  The best part is that you don't have to worry about the details- we take care of the credentialing, insurance requirements, billing and anything else necessary so you have the ability to work with dozens of practitioners with everything neatly packaged for you and only one point of contact!

And of Course, Meditation!

No Wellness Week is Complete Without Meditation

Our first Wellamania in a company almost always includes an introduction to meditation and then demonstrations of the various forms of meditation followed by a group guided practice.  Employees are sure to leave these sessions relaxed and ready to smile through the rest of their work day or evening.  Easily the highlight of most Wellamania events.


More Options to Make Your Event as Unique and Cool
as Your Company

We have dozens of cool bonus activities to bring to your team

Make your Wellamania event even more exciting with interactive demonstrations that will peak your employees' interests and further their excitement toward those healthy changes.  Some options include making organic smoothies, juices or Bulletproof(R) coffee for your employees, teaching them how to ferment vegetables for natural probiotics, helping to plant a garden on your grounds, cooking demonstrations and more.

Reach Out to Us Now

We are ready to help you design a program that fits your interests and budget.  Feel free to fill out this form and one of our program coordinators will reach out to you soon.

Take a look at this calendar to get an idea as to how one company structured its event. 


Every event is customized to your requests so you may have as many presentations, services, meditations or  bonus activities as you'd like spread across as much time as you need.  And remember the best part- we take care of EVERYTHING once you've selected your components.  This means that we will schedule all the practitioners, handle the liability and credential requirements, provide the services and then follow up with surveys for your employees so we may provide you with a full recap analysis and recommendations for your next event.  We take all the "work" out of it so your Wellness Committee can get back to their daily tasks knowing they have an amazing event but didn't have to spend hours on the phone and handing multiple contracts and other requirements.

Take a Look at a Sample
Wellamania Week

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