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Why Meditation?

Join the likes of companies such as Apple, Google, Nike, Goldman Sachs and more by adding meditation programs into the company wellness curriculum.

Consistent corporate meditation programs have been shown to garner impressive ROIs.  In one example, Aetna Insurance found that meditation and yoga earned the company an extra 62 minutes of focused work product each week and $3,000 in annual revenue for every employee that participated in the program while missed work days decreased significantly and insurance premiums and payouts declined. 

Employees who have access to a meditation program at work report having better concentration, less anxiety and better sleep than their counterparts who don't meditate.  Happier employees create a happier workplace with less "drama" and more cooperation between team members.  Employees who value the workplace have reported putting in extra effort to benefit the company goals.  For these reasons and more, meditation at work is a win-win for any corporate work place.

Contact us now to put together a meditation program for your facility and get going on all the amazing benefits such a program will bring to your business!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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